[Analytics Plugin (Firebase)] How to use Purchase recommended Firebase event with supported Analytics Plugin(Fb)
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The project I'm working in has an e-commerce mobile app developed with Outsystems and I want to implement the recommended e-commerce events for Firebase.

As of now purchase is the most important one for obvious reasons. You can see the parameters of the event here and in the screen capture below. Expected types include string, number and array.

As the LogEvent action input parameters for value are all of Text type. What would be the right way to set up the OutSystems action so the data is correctly received and interpreted by Firebase?

Thank you for your support.

Hi @Javier de Salas,

Did you got any update or any solution for this? How did you solve it?

Thank you in advance,


It's not possible right now. I could successfully clone the module and adapt it so it would take Decimal and Integer values. 

But Arrays are needed for the purchase event, and that is not possible with the current plugin code. They also couldn't tell me if it would be implemented any time soon

That's sad to hear... Did you found out any work around that you could share?

Launching single events for each order line with an order number parameter. That way you can at least have the total order value and the daily income... But it's far from ideal

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