CKEDitor in development server

CKEDitor in development server

Ckeditor is working fine locally. after updating to development server, it doesnot display. in console it says "500 internal server error" for ckeditor.js. anyone pls help
Hi anjay, and welcome to the OutSystems community forums.

Are you using CKEditor in your eSpace? If so, can you share it with us so we can look into it?

I would say that it would be related to your server configurations.


Paulo Tavares
By any chance the development server is a Win 2008 R2 with SP1? There has been alot of problems with that at the moment as you can see here: Server 2008 R2 - Service Pack 1 problem

Thanks for the reply. i am using it in .Net.  i dont know this is the right place for posting this problem..When i googling, i got this site....

sorry if i am wrong..

i'll ask my client to check his server configurations..

thank u
Hi anjay,

Indeed, I would say that most of the people here are experts in developing in the OutSystems Agile Platform - CKEditor is just one of the many things we integrate with in our projects.

If our suggestion doesn't help you, my best suggestion would be for you to see if there are dedicated communities around CKEditor - certainly they are more knowledgeable about specific questions regarding CKEditor.

If you manage to find out what the problem was, do let us know!

Regards, and good luck.

Paulo Tavares