My environment and App stopped working. Help me resolve this problem
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My personal environment stopped working. My Web App also stopped working. I have reported through several support cases to no avail. Please, kindly help me resolve this problem.

Help me please, as user data is trapped. The App is not opening and access is lost.  I need your help.  

Hello Daniel, Thanks for your response. Before this problem started, my App was in use by end users daily and i was also developing as well. So the environment is not asleep. The present issues are outlined below: 1. My environment is not connecting, 2. My App is not working, As a result, my end users can not access their data. I am facing a very significant trouble due to this issue. I need urgent help so that the App can start opening in browser and the environment start working normally. I have initiated several case support tickets for Outsystems help to no avail. Please help me. Kindly see the image below for clearer view of the problem i am facing.

Can you still access your environment in Service Center?

In service center check the Environment health tab, if there are errors: 

You mention an image but you forgot to share it.

Thanks for your concern.

I am presently unable to log into my environment. I may not be able to view the health status if there are errors.

I need urgent help as user data is trapped. App not opening on browser and environment not connecting

See the image above.

Note that web address shows trial portal .........


Trying to access service center for your environment (you shared the url), google chrome shows me this:

ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS might relate to login issues, where a redirect fails and endlessly tries to redirect.

You are using your personal environment for other purposes that than personal use, so the support you get from OutSystems will be less then with a paid license.

Nevertheless, I will try and and get someone from OutSystems to look at this, could you send me a PM with the support case number too that I can share?


Hi Harrison,

Did you find a solution in the end?



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