Listing with an option to send it again or not

Listing with an option to send it again or not

I made an alert system to results from a Query that after sending the mail and wanted check data that the user could have a field where to put a visa.
If he put this line if the visa is found next Query no longer be sent in the mail.
how can I do this?

I atach print screens of query.

Regards, Paulo Torres
Hi Paulo, and welcome to the OutSystems forums.

It is hard for us to suggest how to do so without knowing in detail the data model of your application.

However, on a high level, what I would suggest would be to:

1 - Have a query that gets all results from a Query where VISA = ""
2 - Do a "For Each" loop to iterate through the query results;
3 - In each iteration, send an e-mail to the user you're iterating at that moment.

I hope this helps. Let us know if you can manage it, or if there's something more you need help with!

If you bump into specific questions regarding the syntax of queries or the for-each loop, I would strongly recommend you to look into our online training, our How To section, and the specific help pages in our documentation.


Paulo Tavares

Obrigado pela resposta Paulo!
Há algum sitio onde possamos falar online?
Ainda estou muito verdinho :)


Hi Paulo,

There's no problem in being in your first steps here with OutSystems - everyone's been there, and done that! :)

Sadly, there is no real way for us to talk online, but everyone here in the community is available to try and help you out, so I encourage you to write all that you have questions about here in the forums - and in English, preferably, given that many people don't understand Portuguese. Use screenshots, attach your eSpace, whatever you need!

The good thing of doing it in the forums is that everyone can help you out, so you don't have to wait for one specific person to be here. Also, "everyone" certainly knows more than just one person :)

Feel free to let us know what your questions are in this topic, no matter how easy they might seem.

Regards, and let us know if this works for you!

Paulo Tavares
Sorry my Portuguese!
I'll send my e-space to see if I can help and I realize how.
I need that the action "SpanishEntitiesWithChangedCountry" send mail as it is doing and allows the user clicks on a visa and save for the next email that line that he chose not to appear in the new email.
Perhaps you will make this a page action in order to edit the data and click on the visa or not.

Regards, Paulo Torres
Hi Paulo,

The way I would do it would be to send a link in the e-mail to a page in your application, since you can't easily check boxes in your e-mail and submit that information :)

That page would show a Table Records with all the records that the query retrieves, and a Checkbox in each line. This page should also have a submit button.

The submit button should execute an action where you would do a For Each loop through the list, and for each line that had the checkbox value as "true", you would update the records in the database. How this is done will depend on your data model - either the entities you're working on have a field for you to mark, or you'll have to create a new entity for that to be done.

Finally, the query should also make sure that all records that it retrieves have this specific attribute value set with the value that represents the fact that the user did not mark them as correct yet :)

I hope this at least gets you started. Do let us know how it goes.


Paulo Tavares

Hi Paulo,

Here the question is which is an advanced query where the result goes to a structure and what I "want it to be possible" was because the tables do not belong to my-space and create a table in my e-space which presents the values ??of the query where the user can edit or just click on the visa and then creates a variable of type Boolean.

This query returns a result that could hardly be met but lines are not always as it is Query will run automatically via a timer, what I want is that the user can click on the visa so that next time the mail shoot there does not appear that line that is well populated.

It's Possible?

Regards, Paulo Torres
Good morning,

It's definitely possible to do it, as long as you have a way to uniquely identify each line.

If that's the case, just create an entity in your eSpace which has 2 attributes: a boolean one, to let you know whether it's supposed to be hidden or not, and the other being an ID for the line it represents.

Just join it to the line, in the query, and off you go.

I hope this is clear. Let us know how it goes.


Paulo Tavares