Production Environment Apple Play Store Demo - Blank Screen
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Good day OS Community!

With my team, we were demonstrating our mobile application to Apple Play Store representatives to obtain approval for publishing of our mobile application. Unfortunately, unlike when we tested our application, the screen remains to be blank.

We have zero experience in publishing a mobile application to Apple Play Store. What should we be checking to troubleshoot such an issue? Could it be there is an interaction between Apple and OS that caused the issue? Can anyone share some advice on this? 

Many Thanks,


Hello Rafa,

Indeed the process of publishing a mobile application to Apple Play Store can be tricky, due to all the rules Apple imposes.

Can you please provide more details regarding "the screen remains to be blank."? 

  • When does this behavior occur ?
  • Do you get any error ?
  • How are you demonstrating the application (on the device, using OutSystems Now, etc.) ?
  • Can you replicate this behavior
  • Did you checked the platform logs for any warnings?

Best regards,


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