[LazyDropdownSearch] Search text not shown when using a selecteditem
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I noticed that the SearchPrompt text isn't used when you use an empty SelectedItem. And with Empty I mean an DropdownItem with value = NullIdentifier() and Text = "". I use the NullIdentifier() to prevent code errors further up the chain. 

When not using a SelectedItem I get the following (note that the Text is not the same as the SearchPrompt text);

When using an empty SelectedItem I get the following;

The configuration is as follows;

Again, note that the SearchPrompt text is different from the text shown in the dropdown. I could create a new thread about this if you like to. 

Is it possible to detect an empty SelectedItem not only with matching the Value to "" but also to NullIdentifier()? 



Hi Vincent,

Let me split up what you are saying into two things:

  1. The "SearchPrompt" text is different from what is shown in the dropdown (if SelectedItem.Value = NullIdentifier()?)
  2. Support for SelectedItem.Value = NullIdentifier()

About point #1:

There are two properties you can use here: 

  • SearchPrompt
    This is the text that is shown in the search field (the one with the magnifying glass icon)
  • EmptyText
    This is the text that is shown when the dropdown is 'closed' and no (or the 'empty') value was selected, and as the empty item in the searchresult list:

So I think you are looking for the EmptyText property here?  I changed the Demo app to showcase these two properties.

About point #2:

SelectItem is of type DropdownItem.  The 'Value' property of DropdownItem is of type Text.  So the 'null' value for that would be "", not NullIdentifier(), which would translate to "0".  If you want the dropdown to show the 'EmptyText', you will need to hand it a SelectItem with Value = "".   Maybe you can do the following:

I updated the demo application to include a case where the items to select have Integer identifiers (like User Identifier).  You can have a look there to see how it could work.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,


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