Default Redirect on Save

Default Redirect on Save

I have a page where I am using the default save with the exception of a conditional redirect at the end based on which button on the form gets clicked.  However, the user isn't getting redirected at all.  The record is still getting saved.  The redirect does work on the other Cancel button.  The method  on the button is Ajax which is the default that is created by Intelliwarp.  Is there something that could prevent the redirect?

Hi Rebecca,

I don't know if I understood it correctly, i still have some doubts on how many buttons you have and how many actions there are for them (that is if you reuse the same action with different buttons).

However, watching the action you posted, the first thing I would look into would be the "SaveAndContinue" if condition, that probably isn't working the way you want to. If this doesn't work, try creating a breakpoint on the if condition and check the value it gets when you run it and if the flow goes the right way.

Hope this helps!
Luis Pedro