How to assign web page to a user

How to assign web page to a user

Dear All,

I have a question, if i have a web workflow and on certain page i have to decide to assign the a certin page to a specific user how i can do this, what i mean that the only user which i select can see the page is this doable?

Hi Ahmad,
If I understand your question, which you need is add a permission area on the webscreen and assign this permission to an user in the enterprise manager.
To learn more about permissions you can check this in the HOW-TOS.
Nelson Baptista
Hi Nelson,

Thank you for the valueabke inforamtion, actually what i want if i put permission to a page and let's say that for that particular permission there is 20 user assign to it but i want to assign this page to one user which i will define from the 20 users how i can do this, in case i have a business process and let's say credit card approval it will be assigned to credit analyst so if i have credit analyst permission and there is 20 users share this permission as you know the case can not be shared with 20 analyst it should be assigned to one analayst so in this case do i have to proceed with what you suggest or i can specify a particualr user?

Thank you.

What you would do in this case is create a preapproved_card table to store the preapproved information to the assigned user (the card analyst, and a permission area for the page that is used by the card analyst to approved/disapprove a credit card.



Now you would want to list all the cards in PREAPPROVED_CARD, that has been assigned to the Card analyst UserMasterId that has been logged in with permission to view the page.

Note: You would also want to give permission this same Card analyst UserMasterId with access view the preapprove credit card web screen as well.

Hope that helps.

EDIT: If you are storing credit card numbers, make sure you have the correct PCI DSS license level. 

Thank you for the valueable information, i have another question in case i want to create process with humanactivity as below

1. CSO 'Customer Servcie Officer' Create new credit card request.
2. Card administrator to review all info and doc in place then either approve and send it to credit analyst, or decline send it bacl to CSO
3. If card approved and i have 6 Credit analyst, based on how many cases each analyst have the case will be assigned with the least cases analyst, then only that analyst will be able to see and approve this case.
4. After credit analsyt approval the case will be sent to card operations for processing

Can you advise how to assign the case to the users in this case? where i have to put the condition to assign and show the application for only that credit analyst?

Hope you can help.