[XML Records] Structure for XML to RecordList

Hello and thank you for helping in advance.

I've been trying to use the XML Records extension on a reactive application, tried to follow some examples made in other questions here on the forum, but my structure still seems to be invalid for this xml, can someone please take a look at my structure and if possible hint where is it wrong?

The error exhibited is: "An error was raised by the application: Unable to load xml document: "

This is the error that I'm getting:

XML Expected.xml


Hello Matias

I have not used this Extension but when checked the Demo it seems the particular structure of XML is allowed to use. In your Excel the Header and Items values are different and seems not in proper structure. 

Can you please cross verify this with https://afonsobc.outsystemscloud.com/XMLRecordsDemo/XMLToRecordList.aspx 

Hello Gupta,  I was using the demo and other examples found in other questions here in the forum to base my structure, and related to the difference between the structure and the xml you mean the order of the items? I've realocated the Location item to the bottom of it and still got the same error.

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