ServiceCenter not collecting error logs

ServiceCenter not collecting error logs

Although an error event as been set to Log errors in the eSpace and an error is triggered, the error does not get recorded or showup in ServiceCenter error log listing screen.

Any ideas what is wrong?
Hi Robert,

I do not know what exactly might be causing that situation, but here go some ideas:
  • Do you have an error handler to catch the exception? If so, do you have the Log Error option set to Yes?
  • Do you have the OutSystems Log service running (you can check that in the Platform Monitoring option in Service Center)? Do other logs appear in the service center logs? If the Log Service is down, no logs will appear in Service Center.
  • Are you filtering the error in Service Center by the correct eSpace (the one where the error is caught)? If you remove all filters, do you still do not see the error?
  • In order to make sure that the error is being thrown and caught as you believe it should, have you tried debugging the application? Does it execute exactly as you expect?
If none of the above solves the situation, I propose you share your eSpace with us and explain how you expect it to work so that we take a look at it.

Kind Regards,

Daniel Lourenço
Hi Daniel

Under "Platform Monitoring" logs, there is an error message returned null 

The error logging feature is non-functional on 3 servers, and 2 local machines.

3 x Windows Server 2008 R2 64 bit
2 x Windows 7 32bit

Have tried to restart the services and tried turning off the firewall, no luck.

Note: Error logging definately use to work on Dev-Server1 and Dev-Server2, but now it no longer works.

EDIT: Windows Event viewer is functional, outsystems error messages are still being logged, its just not showing up on ServiceCenter error logs.

Hi Robert,

If you have an error in the Log Service status and it does not recover with a service restart, I believe the best way to proceed is for you to contact the OutSystems product support team directly at so that they analyse the situation closely. Send them all the information you have (server version, operating system, error messages) to make the troubleshooting process as fast as possible.

Kind Regards,

Daniel Lourenço
Daniel, thank you.
I have the same situation, they verified the problem?

in log detail appear: returned null
Hi Pedro,

My suggestion will be to proceed as Daniel suggested, and send those details to our support team so that they can best follow up with you.

Not only will they provide you with any sort of solution they found, if they have one, but it will allow them to know that that problem is happening with more people.

Regards, and let us know how it goes.

Paulo Tavares
I've been investigating and here is my situation,

I have Windows Server 2008 R2, 
I do not know why the log has already been working and now not, but I checked the "Event Viewer" on the "Administrative Events" and there was the error:

Error sending log: System.InvalidOperationException: Message Queuing has not been installed on this computer.
   at System.Messaging.Interop.SafeNativeMethods.MQPathNameToFormatName(String pathName, StringBuilder formatName, Int32& count)
Message generated by eSpace ServiceCenter.

then the solution is to install Message Queuing:

In Server Manager, click Features.
In the right-hand pane under Features Summary, click Add Features.
In the resulting window, expand Message Queuing.
Expand Message Queuing Services.
Click Directory Services Integration (for computers joined to a Domain), then click HTTP Support.
Click Next, then click Install.

problem solved

Kind Regards,
Pedro Coelho
Hi Pedro,

Thanks a lot for sharing - I just happened to use your post to help out Britni here, since she seemed to have a similar behavior.

Great stuff, let's see if it's the same.


Paulo Tavares