Table records rows swap on ajax refresh
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How to avoid rows swapping on table records when I do an  ajax refresh ? So I enter values one the first column to update values on the last column . For example, col1(input) takes in an input value and use it to do some calculation in an action and then display the calculated value on the last col2(output), after that I ajax refresh the entire table records,   but then the rows swaps from bottom to top .


Hello Ishmael Malupa,

You have to put a Sorting into your table and try if  this will works ,
And if you could share the oml it would be great!!


Tousif Khan

addition of above, check any sorting already applied to the table..

Ishmael Malupa

If possible can you please share your module file here? 

or if you give more detail on this issue it would be helpful for us to help you!

Hi Aravind M , thanks , I managed to fix the issue it was caused by the duplicate of the action flow .

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