Hide / Show Controls based on values of another control


I'm new to the agileplatform, so maybe I'm asking something that's obvious, but I can't find out how to hide or show e.g. a container based on a value of a checkbox (checked is to show the container). Also if I have two radiobuttons in a group and two containers how do I show only container1 if the first radiobutton is clicked (and hide container2) ?

Regards, Harry
Hello Harry,
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I've notice you just sign into the network, so do the developer course 1, after that you'll see that your performance will improve a lot and you will learn how to do what you want.
Check it out here: http://www.outsystems.com/academy/ .

For your problem you can simple use the value of the checkbox on the display property of the div or use an if arround the div and need to do an ajax refresh to refresh the div with the new value of the checkbox. 

I hope that helps
Hugo Pinheiro

Thanks for helping out. I followed some courses already, they are indeed great help. What I have done:
-assigned a variable rb to the two radiobuttons (values 1 and 2)
-in the display properties of the containers an expression (rb=1 and in the other rb=2)
-created an action refreshcon that refreshes (ajax) the two containers
-in the onchamge event of the radiobuttons as destination the action refreshcon

this works!

2 questions
-is this the common (most easy) way to do this
-i put each container in a cell of a table. If I click radiobutton2 I want the container2 displayed. This happens, but (because container1 is not displayed) container2 is shown on the left side of the screen. Is there a way of keeping the width of the cells intact so that the container2 is displayed at the rightside of the screen (my intention)

SOLVED the last by setting the width of the left cell to 50%

Regards, Harry