Multiple entry points

Multiple entry points


I want to allow access to an e-space for more than one type of user. What I would like to do is to create more than an entry point in the MainFlow so that users with certain roles could be directed to a specific entry point and navigate through different screen logics and paths. The thing is some of these screens are the same and others not.

I dont know if this is possible or if I should try a different aproach. 

Should I create different web flows? Where should I check the user role and how can I redirect him. Can someone point me in the right direction?


If you are using EnterpriseManager as your user provider the "official" way to do what you want is to create any number of entry points you want (HomeFlow is fine, but it can be anywhere) and register them on EnterpriseManager. You can do this by calling the action "EnterpriseManagerCfg.CfgNode_SetFrontofficeEntry" on the "GetConfigurationData" method of the "ConfigurationData" WebService (if you are using Agile Platform 5.1 this Web Service probably exists already in your eSpace).
On Agile Platform 5.1, after publishing your eSpace these frontoffice entry points should be made available on EnterpriseManager. On previous versions you have to go to EnterpriseManager's tree menu, navigate to "Import Configuration" and import your eSpace manually. After doing this you'll have the new entry points available foor selection as default entry points when you edit a Role, on EnterpriseManager!

Sorry about the rushed explanation, but I hope it helped.

I got lots of entrypoints mainly because those are friendly accespoints to create in my menu.
If you really have lots and lots of entrypoints, a suggestion may be to create an empty webflow with only entrypoints.

I would not recommend to create specific webflows for specific roles, because sooner or later
you have changing requirements.

for the specific/common parts, if you create webblocks you can solve it quite simply.
have the page be accessible for everyone and show webblocks based on the role.