[Reactive] Fetch Data from Other Sources output gone on after fetch event

I have a couple of Fetch from Other Sources actions (e.g. GetDetailsList, GetDetailsColumns). Both actions use a variable (e.g. Filters) in the Page as the input parameter on their respective external actions they call, and they are independent from one another.

GetDetailsList, which outputs a list of structures data type, has no concerns, it successfully retrieves the data and its output parameter contains it. The list has no concerns on the after fetch event.

GetDetailsColumns outputs a structure of multiple boolean data types. This action successfully retrieves the data from the source and assigns to its output variable, but when the after fetch event action is called, the output variable is rendered empty when investigated via debugger.


What has your afterfetch action?


Jorge Rodrigues

Hello Neil,

Could you please share your OML?

Thanks & Kind Regards,


Jorge and Sanchin,

I cannot share the OML due to restrictions of the client's set-up of their environment. I can only share the screenshots.

Below is the GetDetailsColumn fetch action, with the highlighted representing the data successfully assigned to the output variable since they returned true.

Below is the after fetch event of the GetDetailsColumn, with the four previously highlighted values now assigned as false, even though the columns output variable previously has them as true.

I did not see that you have placed any other server action or fetched the data from other data sources on the GetDetailsColumnAfterFetch client action. There is only start and end on this client action, so might be you are getting default values as false for these four variables.

Hi Sachin,

I am not getting the default values as false from somewhere else though, the GetDetailsColumnAfterFetch is the first called action after the fetch, since it's called after fetch.

What's happening above is while on the context of the fetch, the output parameters successfully receive the values from the other source. When it moves on to the afterfetch however, the output values are gone.


Hey Neil 

As I can understand from your Screenshots - 

1. In the GetDetailsColumn  you have one assignment where I assume you are assigning the values to  parameters but you are not saving it after assignment. That assignment is temporary and has its own area. So, I believe there needs to save the assignments. 

2. Once the assignments will be saved then OnAfterFetch should works as expected. 

Hi Manish,

1. The assignment is the result of the other source retrieval to the output of the GetDetails fetch action. Since it's still on the context of a server action, I cannot assign it to a variable outside of the fetch action, I can only assign it to the fetch's output.

2. Assignment on the OnAFterFetch action does not work, because for some reason, the expected output from GetDetails, which I want to assign on this OnAfterFetch action, is gone.

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