Reactive Theme Reference


I have a module (Module_Theme) that has a Reactive Theme (based on OutSystemsUI Theme) that is then being consumed in another module (Module_FrontEnd).

Whenever I refresh the references in Module_FrontEnd, the theme from Module_Theme is always outdated (it has not been changed or published).

Anyone is experiencing the same issue? Any idea why is it happening?


Paulo Portela


Don't you have circular references? By chance you are not consuming your module Module_FrontEnd in the Module_Theme.


Jorge Rodrigues


I don't have circular references.


Paulo Portela

Then this should not be the behavior. Raise support case with OutSystems -

That this is not expected behavior I already know. That's why I asked in the forum if anyone had the same problem. And if so, what was the issue and how it was solved.

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