Show the result of a query to a table that does not belong to my e-space

Show the result of a query to a table that does not belong to my e-space

I have a sql query, this query that runs on a table that is not in my e-space.
I want then present the query result into a table from my e-space.
Can you help me, please.

Hi Paulo,

The first step is to reference those entities/tables in your eSpace. After doing so, you can handle them the same way as entities from your eSpace.

You can do so by:

1a - Mark the entity from the external eSpace as public, in its properties;

or, in case it's not from an eSpace,

1b - Use Integration Studio to access that entity.

2 - Using Add/Remove References, add a reference to the entity you want to use.

See this video on how to connect to an external database in order to learn more about this process.

Let us know if this helps.


Paulo Tavares
Hello Paulo!
Thanks for the reply, but that's not my problem!
I've imported through the integration studio ... I have a query that will fetch data for a table and going structure, but now I want the data to the structure will appear in a table that I created for edit.

I Attach one print the my Query and structure.

Other Print
Hi Paulo,

In that case, I would say that you just have to drag the structure to the table.

If you have extra data to show - in this case, the boolean variable - that should, however, also be part of the Output Parameters of the Advanced Query. An alternative - probably a better one - is to have the entities themselves as output parameters.

Check the sample eSpace I just put together in a few minutes, and see how it's supposed to be done.

I did not test it, because I don't have a server at hand, but at a high-level, that's how it's supposed to be done - maybe there's a bug somewhere, but that's something that you'll be able to sort out if you bump into it :)

I hope that sample helps you understand how you should be doing what you want to achieve.


Paulo Tavares
Paulo this example does not fit my problem, but thanks for the work. It's an E-space to help me in future situations!

I attach my e-space to see. The action called "SpanishEntitiesWithChangedCountry".
The output of the query in a structure called "ChangedCountry"and I now want to present on the page "ShowRecord_List" the query result but wanted the user could click on the visa for the next email the row not appear.

The cycle for the mail is already done with the fantastic help of the Miguel João.

Thanks Paul
Help me =)
Hi Paulo,

Thanks for the reply.

Indeed, the example I gave you - asides from the fact that you may not be able to use the join statement with an external entity - should work exactly as you want, if I understand your question.

What exactly are you having trouble with? I have opened your eSpace, and it seems to me you can easily apply the same design pattern I did, for the screen.

However, regarding the query and the logic, it's only you who can actually develop it and publish it, since nobody else has access to that specific data model, nor does anyone else know what each attribute corresponds to.

Why don't you try starting from my eSpace, and work from there towards having that screen use your entities?

Regards, and I hope to see everyone tomorrow at NextStep.

Paulo Tavares
Hi Paulo,

in your e-space there is no structure.
In my e-space the output of my query is a structure. You think, that i should have a entitie as output of the query?

Regards, Paulo Torres