Reactive - Custom dropdown inside accordion doesn't allow user to scroll or select
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11.12.2 (Build 31091)


I'm using a Dropdown widget inside a block, but with the "Options Content" option set as "Custom".

When I use this block inside an accordion  when I open it, I can't select options or scroll either.

I see in CSS code that it creates a div with inline styles, whose position is fixed.

If I change position to "relative", I'm allowed to scroll, but I can't close the list by clicking outside or clicking in the dropdown.

This only happens if the dropdown is included in an accordion, if the dropdown is directly in the screen, it does not happen.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

Hello Diego García-Denche ,

Can you share an OML? It´ s faster to help.

Best Regards,

Nuno R

I also encounter a similar problem, any solutions?

Hello @Diego García-Denche  ,

I have a similar use case  which is working fine.

Please check the attached oml for your reference.




By me it is not, that it is *not* working, but unlike the default Dropdown (the one without Search). the expanded options list is not appearing on top of the rest of the content:

Hello Borislav Shumarov,

Your issue is related maybe with other issue.

I think the issue is that you are using the accordion item from OS, and you need to do a little CSS hack:

.section-expandable .section-expandable-content {

overflow: visible;


You can test here:

Hope it helps,

Nuno R

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