[CSVUtil] LoadCSV2RecordList problem with decimals.
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when i use the action LoadCSV2RecordList I have a problem with decimal numbers. but this problem only happens in QA server in DEV server works correctly.

For example: 

if in csv I have a number "1,5" when it is exported the comma  is ignored and export "15".

will it be some configuration at the server level?


Hello @Carlos Xavier 

My 2 cents as a user of this component - I am not aware of any server level configurations that could cause such an outcome over different environments. If it is the same version of the code in both environments that is quite strange.

Have you compared the properties for your LoadCSV2RecordList action in both the environments just to eliminate that as a root cause?



Hi @AJ. 

the properties are exactly the same, that is, the code is the same in both environments. It's very strange.


You stated that a number "1,5" in the CSV gets exported as "15". Where is the value being exported to? Is that in the database entity?

2. Is there any information you could attach here, for e.g. screenshots of the exported values, logic, or screenshots comparing the dev and test exported values? Basically that may help recreate the issue.



Hi @AJ. 

file I import with decimals:

the output sends the values without a comma to the structure

and the structure field is decimal


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