[OutSystems Charts] tooltip headerFormat and pointFormat not working in AdvancedFormat - HighchartsJSON
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I've tried to overwrite the tooltip of line chart in latest OutSystems Charts Version 2.0 without success:


Expected result: https://jsfiddle.net/eg49fqno/

Any idea how to overcome this issue?

Thanks and best regards,



Good Afternoon @Magnus,

Thank you for contacting us with your question!
This is not that clear but we have two ways to overcome this:

1) You can config the SourceDataPointList records tooltips or fill the  SourceDataPointList[n].Tooltip with: "Test header <br> test pointFormat"

2) On HighchartsJSON fill it with:
tooltip: {formatter: undefined, headerFormat:'Test header<br>',pointFormat:'test pointFormat'}

This formatter function is used by our implementation to customize the charts experience, if we need to override tooltips we need to block the function;  

Please let me know if this helps.
João Ferreira

Hi João,

thanks I've successfully tested your 2nd workaround.

Is there a documentation which functions are customized by OutSystems and must be explicitly set to undefined?

Best regards,


That's great to hear!

About the functions, I believe we don't have a place sharing all the logic. What I can tell you is that each chart type has its own rules, the formatter function is related only with the tooltips.

Feel free to reach us whenever you fill blocked or something isn't working as expected.

João Ferreira

Hi João,

thanks again for your feedback.

Is there a good way to simply load the licensed Highcharts JS files into my header without inserting an OutSystems chart webblock into my screen to avoid any interference with customizations from OutSystems?

In fact, I define my complete chart (e.g. Radar Chart) in JSON and use the Line Chart webblock only to then override everything via HighchartsJSON in AdvancedFormat. A webblock that only does the correct inclusion of Highcharts in the OutSystems reactive framework and has HighchartsJSON as the only passing parameter would be very helpful for this.

I don't want to copy & paste the Highcharts libaries into my own script libraries, but always make sure that the resources delivered with OutSystems Charts are loaded.

Hello @Magnus,

We understand your point, we are aware of this need, since we have a similar request on this forum post, and on this idea

As we share on the forum post, OutSystems Charts has some intellectual property that cannot be shared (some from OutSystems and other from the 3rd party library). 

What we can do is hear the needs of the developers, and try to answer the top requests as fast as possible and in the meanwhile find the workarounds for anyone that's blocked.

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