I'm designing a property management system for an apartment leasing firm and I have an entity that will store resident details and an entity that will store lease details.

On the Resident Management webscreen, I'd like to display the roommates of  a resident. Essentially, it should show all residents, other than the resident that I'm showing/editing, that belong to the same lease.

Currently, I have expressions to show resident1, resident2, and resident3, from the lease entity where the lease id in the resident entity matches the lease id in the lease entity.

The problem is that the expressions only show the resident's id from the resident entity rather than their name. If I use a combo box I can configure it to show the name field from the resident entity, but I only want to use an expression as residents should not be editable from the resident management section.

Please help and thanks in advance!
Hi Nick,
I don't know if i understood exactly what you want achive. But here is my contribuition, check the attachment. In the sample, you can see a simple list of lease, in the link "Residents List", you will go to a page where you have the list of name of residents per lease.
I hope I've helped you.
Nelson Baptista
Thanks for the quick response and the samle! It's not quite what I'm looking to accomplish; let me see if I can explain it any better by attaching a sample application.

On the Resident Management screen, a resident should be selected on the left side which will then populate the various tabs. It works, but under the lease tab in the roommates section, it only lists the id of the resident rather than their names.

Let me know if you need any more information.

Hi Nick,

Check the attachment, I added comments in the changes which i did.
Let me know if you need any help.
Nelson Baptista