Multiple Sources for a Database Update
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I'm trying to have multiple places that run timers update a single table that both have FK's to. I constantly am getting deadlock errors and starvation timeout errors. Does OutSystem's updates support concurrency, or how can I implement that to avoid these errors? Thank you.

Hi Justin

I am not sure if I understood your issue, but you can use the action GetXXXXForUpdate (XXX = Entity name) that is placed in your entity. This action will return a record and it will lock it until you do an update. I think that with this action you won't get deadlock errors.


I once had that kind of problem. I have a timer wherein I used to update a specific column and then another timer running and uses the same table for updating other columns. What I did is, I run the 1st timer then after that, I run the 2nd timer. I don't think it's a good idea to have 2 different processes using the table at the same time.


Maybe this page can help you better understand how to handle concurrent updates:

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Miguel Sousa

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