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How to search data from a table which is added to the module through dependency.I tried and I didn't get it. I would like to explain what I did.

1) I dragged an input widget and  set variable as searchText as shown in fig.

2) Then in search button action dragged an 'refresh data' to get the aggregate in which the resource attribute is stored in. Then I got this data action.

3) I double clicked on data action and add aggregate. Inside that aggregate I dragged the entity which I want to filter.

Then I add filter. There is no visible errors. But search is not working. What changes can I apply?


Please Check this Tutorial in which it is explained how we get search  data  from the table

Hope this helps you

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I did exactly like that. The problem is I added entities through dependency. What change should I make?

Hi @FEMI EMMANUEL, not sure where is the problem exactly.. can you share oml to investigate?

I added oml of UI here. Do you want oml of dependency module?



I did the changes to your logic and the search is now working.

Attached oml FYR

Thanks, Aadhavan S



If I am not wrong, the Highlighted output is the source of this table, but you are trying to filter some other entity, so it does not make any impact on the table, You need to filter the source of the table which is the output parameter of data action.
For a better solution store the data in a screen level local variable and filter that local variable(using List Filter action) in a search action. Don't refresh the data action in search action which will hit the API unnecessarily.

Attached a sample OML for reference.


I did the same way u did. But it is not working.

I have tried to replicate the same functionality, Check on this OML. Please look into the home page where the search is working properly. 

NOTE: You have to search with the exact Name.



I couldn't open this actually. It is downloaded as file.

your aggregates filter is the cause :

you are comparing the 'current' record in the result of the employeelist service to the searchtext.

whatever that outcome is (like or not like each other) will be true for every source record of your GetRequests aggregate, so you will get either all or none, dependant on what the first request record coming back from that service is.


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