Create user failed - No permission to create user

Error occured when creating user "No permission to create user"

It seems like there is a condition inside "User_Create" action that requires some sort of permission to use the "User_Create" action.

Unfortunately unable to open and view the conditions it requires inside the "Users" eSpace (it be good if this was possible).

Ended up correcting the error by using Create_USER action instead.

Hi Robert,

The permission needed should be Users.UserManager.
Creating a user directly in the Users database table is also an option.

Tiago Simões

To use User_Create, I have to add "Users.UserManager" role to the Component eSpace and add "Users" as the provider.

This error message would then go away?

By the way, how extactly doe User_Create action verify the required the permission/role and of who?
(ie The User_Create is being used by a timer process not by an user logged into an application)
Hi Robert,

No, you dont need to ass that role to your eSpace, you just need to do that operation with a logged in user that has that role.
If you are doing it in a timer you should create the record in the entity directly has you were doing.

Tiago Simões