How can I start over in Outsystems Cloud?

I currently have a "falled asleep" environment in the outsystems cloud account that I have, so I guess it is the right time to ask this question. 

My account is using my Email address, but the environment that I have in the outsystems cloud, has a spelling error in the url which is quite annoying and to anyone who wants to enter my url to see any of my applications. And I can't seem to find a way to correct this.

Is it possible to purge my environment totally, and start over with a fresh outsystems cloud instance with a corrected environment url? I thought maybe if I wait until it falls asleep, I would have the option to change it, but I cannot find it.

So if not, what alternative options do I have in order to keep my badges, forum posts, etc., while getting another fresh environment? Will I have to use separate email address for a new environment, and then logout and login every time I want to participate on the forums using my current account? I am aware that I can make that excerise somewhat easier, if I use one browser-type for testing my apps with one logged in user, while participating in forums on another browser-type that is logged in as a different user, but this is just too cumbersome if I want a smooth experience. 

If getting a new environment is not possible, would it then be possible to transfer my badges, forum posts, certifications, etc. to another cloud user, and then get an Outsystems Cloud envirnment on that email address instead? Or what are my options?

Out of curiousity, do paid plan envirnments not have the option either, to correct/customize the personal environment URL? 


Hello Andras,

Please go through with these links. I am not sure how much it will help you to get answers for all your queries.'s_an_OutSystems_personal_environment%3F?

Thanks & Kind Regards,


Hi Sachin, Thank you for responding.

I have read these, but they do not address any of the questions I'm asking, unfortunately - except maybe it indicates that on a paid subscription, you may be able to specify a custom URL for your environment. 

Hopefully someone else here on the forum has a suggestion. If I wake up my environment now, I will probably again be stuck with the url that still has the typo in it :(

So, I would suggest you to please open a support case with OutSystems to resolve your problem.

Hi Andras,

I don´ t think you can have control over the url of your personal environment.

It is even a luxury that it has any resemblance to your name, some people have a url with random letters/numbers.

So your only option is send a request to Outsystems, i guess, but I wouldn´ t count on it.


Hi Dorine, 

Thank you for the response. I am trying the support route, thanks!


Hi Andras,

There is also option to merge accounts, you can take a look. The document includes what information will be transferred. I think you can consider it in your case.




Hi Andras,

You can create as many personal environments as that you have email accounts. And you can merge them all too into one. Either the merge you are not merging your work, but you do merge your certificates as well as your community contribution (points, kudos, forge components, learn achievements, etc.)

For more information see:

While there is no purge option yo can trigger yourself, you could delete each app one by one and then use DBcleaner on steroids app to cleanup your environment.



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