Application Switcher

Application Switcher

1) How does the Application determine, which application is to appear in the application switcher list? Does it automatically get added?
2) Can we remove applications from the list?
Hi Robert,

These will be the eSpaces with the Is Application property set to Yes or their backoffices.
Also what applications appear on the list depend on who is the user logged in.
For an application to appear on the list the user needs to have at least a role in that application.
So, to remove an application from the list you can delete it, say it is not an application, or remove users from its roles.

Tiago Simões

There is something "strange" with applicaiton switcher
If an application has a Back Office eSpace set in it's properties, the application switchers starts up the backoffice and not the actual application.
Is there a specific reason for this behaviour ?

Hi Joop,

Yes, we choose that model because most software factories we've seen include several internal applications and fewer external applications. Usually external users have a unified front-end while internal users have several applications they have to work with. An example is the eCommerce and Website apps in On the app switcher it makes more sense to have the backoffices. Also, external apps usually have completly different UIs, driven by design and marketing teams.

In any case, if you need a switcher for front-office apps you can always copy the Application Switcher and create one based on that. 

Tiago Simões
It would be nice to have the possibility to select which apps should appear in the app-switcher and link to which eSpace ... :-)
@Joop,  agree