I would like to get the collect approver for the attributes that will be removed.

Hi everyone. 

This is my problem. When I remove the attributes from the Part Release, I should notify all the approver who are assigned to that attribute. 

Images from the applications for your reference. 

1.) Part Release Screen

This is a particular Part Release screen which is PR000165. 

In this screen, we have a tab called Attributes where all the added attributes will the stored like in the image below. 

If you notice, in the action dropdown, there is an option to remove the attributes from the PR. When the button is clicked, a pop up will appear. 

For example, when Attribute Master 1 is checked and remove button is clicked, it will remove the attribute from PR000165.  As i said Attribute Master 1 will have it's own approver. If you notice in the image above, there's a tab called Approver

The names that you are seeing are the approvers for Attribute Master 1. So when the attribute is removed, all this people should get notified.

In the PR_RemoveAttributeMaster block


I have added the server action to remove the attributes already. 

In the server action (RemoveAttributeMasterFromPR), I have added all the comment next to the logic there. 

Details for getting the approval.

1.) The entity diagram

2.)  PartReleaseApproval aggregate 


The OML FILE is more than 4MB. I tried compressing the file yet it's more that 4 MB. Any idea how to send the oml file. 



Hello Viknesh 

You already have the filtered data to whom you want to send the email. You can send email using ForEach Loop. Please refer below - 

This could be your Email Properties - 

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