After platform upgrade the download csv is not working
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Hi All,

Our platform got upgrade and since then we are not able to download csv which was working fine before. the logic it has is readtoexcel widget and download widget.

Hi Aditya,

Can you provide some additional information:

  • What was the version previous to the upgrade?
  • What is the version after the upgrade?
  • Is it possible for you to upload an OML file with the code?
  • If not, could you provide a print screen with the code?

Kind regards,



In addition, "we are not able to download" is way too vague a description. What happens when you try to download the CSV? Do you get a timeout, do you get an error, did you check Service Center to see if there's anything in the error logging or general logging?

Yes, I checked and also did debugging but nothing seems to be working.


Again, "nothing seems to be working" is nog enough information to go by.

Hello Aditya,

As mentioned by @Kilian Hekhuis you need to tell us the error description which you will get from service center. Since, your statements are very generic and it is not possible to provide you any solution based on these statements. So, if you are looking for some suggestion or solution, please get the error description from Service Center and share with us.

Thanks & Kind Regards,


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