change Textbox to Combo Box

change Textbox to Combo Box

I have a form which includes Contact_Id, Contact_Telephone, Contact_Company.

The data source of this form is from Entity: CONTACT.

After the period of time, the manager want to standandise the Company name.
so the input can be combo box instead of textbox.

So I create a Entity: COMPANY
Create a list of COMPANY_company from Entity CONTACT_company.

What are the quickest way to bring the company text over from CONTACT to COMPANY?
and create the relationship between Entity CONTACT and COMPANY ba
Hi Richard,

If you are going to do it, the way I would do it would be to create a separate entity, with an ID and a CompanyName attribute. Then I would create an action to convert it, and I would have the Contact have a CompanyId attribute (pointing to the Company ID attribute) instead of the company name directly.

The action would probably execute a for-each loop, and for each company name, it would create a new record. Probably you would also want, before inserting a company, to find if such a company name already exists in the database, so you can re-use it instead of creating a duplicate entry.

Does this make sense? There might be better alternative ways, but this is the first one that comes to mind.

Let us know if you can get it to work.


Paulo Tavares