Custom SQL Queries Exercise error
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.50.17 (Build 52153)
Platform Version
11.13.2 (Build 32392)


I was following the guide for Using Custom SQL Queries Exercise and at the part of putting in the SQL and hitting the "test" button, I'm getting an error that I cannot find a fix for. Can someone provide some additional insight into how to correct this issue? 

Using Custom SQL Queries Exercise.pdf


The issue is that the "test" button should not be pressed until the "Employees" assign is corrected. This is a detail they do not include in the guide. The Employees assign will still want a "GetEmployees.List" which no longer exists because you deleted it in the first step. The guide does not tell you to go to the assign and change the value under "Employees" to "SQL1.List". 

Not a major issue, but for someone new to OutSystems, maybe bullet-proof a little more.

I had the same problem, thank you for sharing this intermediate step!

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