Doubt about the new Apps

Hi everyone,

First of all let me congratulate everyone at Outsystems for their wonderful job with getting Apps out to the world. These cover the basics of enterprise business, and it's really a start point to show Apps right out of the box to customers.

I do have one doubt about them (i can't check it out in the pc, because i'm running Linux....Will you ever support linux servers and development? ). 

When you say they are free, does this also mean they are available at a 0 SU cost?


Best Regards,

Diogo Cordovil S. Cordeiro
Hi Diogo,

I believe they really mean Open Source Code, the SU's are still on you...
I tell you this because in the Cloud Trial I'm runnig I basically only installed some of these apps and I already have a warning about using 20% of my available SU's.

And I honestly believe it wouldn't be expected that these SU's wouldn't be accounted for as their purpose is basically to provide you with a skeleton of an app you will develop upon and at a certain point it stops being the app they gave you in the first place.

Hermínio Mira
Hi Herminio, thank you for your answer.

You are right when you say if the apps get customized to a specific company's business, then the SUs shall count.

I was thinking more in a GPL type of thing. As it is open source, the community could contribute to the app, as long as the changes weren't too specific.

I imagine a centralized backlog per App, with features being voted by the users. I also imagine a system of credits of some kind that could be attributed to the ones that implemented the features. What could these credits be converted to? I would say discounts on licensing or SU's bonus or....(you name it)

This way you could get end-customers supporting the community, and Outsystems would have mounted some dynamic, general business apps.

Is this too  idealistic?

Best Regards,

Diogo Cordovil S. Cordeiro
Imho its a nice idea, but who decides where the border of change is. This will create lots of discussions on high levels with perhaps even court stuff. I admit, this is a bit negative, but how they present it now, there is no room for discussion. You take the apps with SU's or not. It does not get easier;) Now about your idea. I say set up your own site, who knows :)
Hi Diogo,

Regarding the linux server support, we do support it.

We do have the Agile Platform for Java as well, but you'll still need to have a Windows machine to run Integration Studio and Service Studio.
The current available version (for Java) is 5.0


Nearly everything I see released by OutSystems, other than the Agile Platform itself, is under the BSD license. That means that you can do whatever you want with it. It certainly would not be too hard to set up a BitBucket account for extending these apps.

Hey Justin, this seems very interesting indeed for open source projects, and i guess it would be nice to have something like this for each Outsystems app.

I do like to believe though that Outsystems already has somekind of project Management (Perhaps the Network Projects?) tool for each App, so my question now is : Is it easy/viable to make it available to the community? In a way that the feature backlog would have to be segmented by screen or actions, so there wouldn't be any merge conflicts later, and that new versions could be uploaded.

Pedro Manuel, thanks for the feedback, perhaps i will be looking into it later....Could you send me the "community" version of the plaform server for this or tell me where can i find it, if it does exist?

Joost, you are correct....the only question is : How could I make the ROI out of it?
Check out this post (!) regarding trying out the linux version of the Agile Platform.