How to run Two proccesess in the same time.

I would love to hear your opinion. I am interested in developing a platform where employees submit filing forms. I want each fault to go through 2 processes simultaneously. One process of operating the fault and a second process of investigating the fault, and both will happen simultaneously. I created the app through the workflow and at first I made the processes happen one after the other. How do you recommend reshaping the processes in order to make them run in the same time? And how can one deal with the division of statuses into a fault (meaning that the fault will have 2 formulated statuses)?



You can never ensure they run at the same time.

The processes are scheduled by OutSystems scheduler, so they might run simultaneously, but you cannot ensure that.

Maybe reading the following success document on hoe to design processes with parallel activities might help you:



Thanks for your response, I want the processes to be dependent on the same trigger and run independently of each other. My main problem is how do I combine the two processes in case  management? Is it necessary to create to each process case management?

Thank u very much in advance.



I have no hands-on experience with the Dynamic Case Management framework. 

But in BPT you can have a process with parallel activities (in your case subprocesses) running, as I shared already the documentation for in a previous reply.

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