Pagination - How do I return to the same page I was just on.

Pagination - How do I return to the same page I was just on.

In the SalesAssistant app I pull up the Contacts list.
I am on Page 2 and select a Contact.
I click Cancel to go back to the list.
Instead of taking me back to Page 2 where I was, it takes me back to Page 1.
How do I get back to the page I was on???

Hy Jeff,

In the table properties you have the attribute StartIndex where, usually, you can find the next action


if you set RemenberStartIndex:True you should get the desired result.

During the user session the table start index will be saved.

Gonçalo Cardoso
Hi!! I did this and doesn't work :(
Well, works partially.... the list shown is the correct one (contents of page 3 for instance) but the pagination widget comes always on Page 1 instead of Page 3.
Then contents of page 1 and 2 are lost since there is no way to get back.
Any clue?
I don't know if is exactly what you pretend but you can take advantage from the native objects.
You can use for example a function like this:

function goBackLastPage()
    var ex=document.referrer;
    window.location.href =ex;

This works even if you open a page in a new browser tab (it will return to the previous page).
Hope it helps and let me know if you accomplished it with this kind of solution.

Kind Regards,
Gonçalo Martins