Outsystems - Best Practices for Entity naming

Has outsystems best practices changed for entity naming? a little confused seeing that outsystems entities found in all outsystems applicaiton solutions from v6.0 are now in Pascal Casing (Camel upper case), Example: ThisIsAnEntity
However according to outsystems best practice guide, the following standard was put in place for Entity naming:
- Entity names in capital letters, singular and with “_” separating words (eg: CONTACT_TYPE)
– Entity attributes in Camel Case (eg: PhoneNumber)
– Foreign keys in format <EntityFullName>Id or, if several exist , <Purpose><EntityFullName>Id (eg: ContactTypeId or PrimaryContactTypeId)
Which one should we follow? (Capital case Entity naming or Pascal Case Entity Naming)
You should follow the one you want to follow.

Imho, best practices are tailormade for the company that OutSystems is used for.
So, the document you refer to is just a guide. I have several companies who are still in the stoneage of hungarian notation and demand we use it as well.
So not much what we can do about it.

I suggest to think about what YOU want as Best practice and work from that.

Before outsystems we used pascal casing, then when we started to use outsystems, we followed outsystems best practises guidelines, outsystems best pracice guideline say, use uppercase entity naming.

Then we used uppercase entity naming, and now outsystems started to use pascal casing just like our companies original best practises, in either case, it really does not matter too much which casing is used. As long as the one used is documented and is consistant everywhere!

Use one or the other, but not both.

The real advantage, for me at least, in using Uppercase for the entities is that it helps you to quickly understand the code, for example in this text "List.Current.ENTITY.Text.Value" you can very easily understand what is the entity being used by th expression.
When you apply this principle to complex expressions it really helps you a lot!

Hermínio Mira

what you originally asked is "Which one should we follow? (Capital case Entity naming or Pascal Case Entity Naming)"

but actually what you want to say  is..

Outsystems. you are inconsistent, get your facts correct and be consistent!
So fix that asap!

Hi Herminio,

You are right, entities in uppercase were used to allow people to better parse expressions visually. In our effort to make Service Studio more usable we changed expression editor to now syntax highlight entities and structures:

As such entities can now be named in PascalCase making them easier to read.

Of course these are reccommendations and as such we don't expect everyone to follow them immedietly and everyone is free to follow their own conventions.

Tiago Simões

PS: @Robert - you are right,  we need to update that document