Migrating eSpaces in the (Main) DB Catalog to a new Catalog

Migrating eSpaces in the (Main) DB Catalog to a new Catalog


Is there a way to migrate eSpaces that are already deployed in production to the (Main) Catalog to a newly created Catalog? As I result I'm expecting to have their tables and data moved to the new Catalog Database.

Hi Tiago, 

that was one of the new features in 5.1, the cabability to have more catalogs for the OutSystems applications, and, Yes the process includes the move of the entities and the data.

Check out for the tech note Multiple Database Catalogs and Schemas.

Excelent news Ricardo. In our case we have more than 160GB of data in tables for the eSpace we want to migrate, do you suggest any optimizations to the migration copy data steps in the gerated script?

Thanks again
Hi Tiago,

Assuming your DB is SQL Server using DTSs is probably an option you should consider.
Take also into account the Recovery Model of the Catalogs involved as filling up the transaction log is a typical pitfall when moving large amounts of data.
Take a look into Recovery Models and considerations to have when switching recovery models .

Best Regards
David Nunes