Migrate local storage to another app with the same package name
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Is there a way to get the path to the local storage of the Outsystems mobile app on a iOS or Android device?

To clarify the question, here a use case: 

"I want to migrate the local storage of the Outsystems Mobile App to an another native developed app(Flutter`). So the Flutter app will be installed over the Outsystems mobile app with the same package names."

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Hello Sylber,

If both application share the same local entities then, when installing over the existing application, no data should be lost.

If the local entities are not the same you can, for example, have a synchronisation where you move the data from the old tables to the new ones. After every user has done this you can stop consuming the old tables.

Please check which option suits you better.

Best regards,

Gonçalo Condeça.

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