[Data Grid Reactive] I cannot change to a blank in the date column (DatePicker)

I saw both of these posts and tried to reproduce both methods.

One I get an error "External Events not defined"

The other method 

GridAPI.GridManager.GetGridById($parameters.GridWidgetId).getColumn($parameters.ColumnWidgetId).provider.isRequired = false;

I could only apply to OnReady event of the screen and it only works one or two times until it bugs out and we cannot use the picker widget again (Does not open).

Also tried to use one pattern from OutsystemsUI but without success, not sure what I can use as InputId since it is a grid




Does anyone have other solution?

Still having IU problems. Does not open widget after a few tries cleaning and setting date.

Still unable to clear to blank after setting value. It works first time but then it goes back to old value.

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