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I am not that much an expert in Outsystems. I have an entity as given below

Entity A  :    Id     name             email                       officeLocation    ZipCode

                      1          N1            L1                     Z1

                      2          N2            L2                     Z2

                      3          N3            L3                     Z3

                      4          N4            L1                     Z1

I have a filter popup like below

I am populating filter list Name, email, officeLocation, and ZipCode by using group by clause on Entity A. (How to populate dynamic checkboxes)

How to filter Entity data by using Aggregate? 

Hi buddy, what is the size of data you wanna process?

Hi @Yana Smith,

Around 10K records



try  to add a group filter  

Hi @Vijay Malviya,

Can you elaborate it more or can you provide .oml it will help me to understand it


Try adding an extra Boolean attribute inside your aggregate bind them with your checkbox later filet them using list filter. See attached OML 


Hello R J ,

Are you still facing this issue? do you try the solution from Sudipta Banerjee

Best Regards,

Nuno R

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