Copy records of the structure for local table

Copy records of the structure for local table

How is it possible, to copy records coming from a query that are in a structure, for a table??

Hi Paulo,

you just have to assign a record of the destination table with the values from the record of the query result.

Miguel Antunes
In practical terms. How?

Regards, Paulo Torres
Hi Paulo,

The picture below explains what Miguel said earlier

Let us know if this solve your problem.

Nelson Baptista

Thank you very very very much...
You know the true meaning of the word "HELP".

Thank you, to you Miguel.

Regards, Paulo Torres

Sorry, I make all how you say but when i open application in browser not appear the values of the query result in my table.

I attach the print's.

Hi Paulo,

looking for that screenshot now i understant what you want... at least i hope so! :)

So you want to query database and show results on screen, right?

To do that, you can:

1. Using IntelliWarp, open screen editor, and drag&drop your entity to the screen, this will create the query and all the widgets for listing.


2. Doing it by hand, since you already have the Table Records for listing, on your preparation create the query that fits your needs, and then go to screen editor select the Table Records and change the Source Record List by selecting the preparation query.

Again... sorry for the misunderstanding.

Miguel Antunes
I do apologize for asking so many questions to be!
so what does that print, which I followed?

Where is IntelliWarp?
Can you make a print?

Thank you a lot Miguel =)

Regards, Paulo Torres
Hi Paulo,

you don't need to apologize! We are here to help everyone!

So to learn a little more about Intelliwarp check this video its a demo to show how to "Transform Excel files into a web application with IntelliWarp™". I advise you to see whole the video, but take special atention from minute 1:25 onwards, since it will show exactly what i tried to explain you about creating list screen with it.

Miguel Antunes
Can you see my new attach?

I have the structure where are values of the query and i want result the query in table on browser.

Regards, Paulo
Hello, i have seen your attachment, were is this code being run? Is it on preparation?
If so, all you need to do is to 'feed' your table record with the query result. Please look at the image.

Is working. Thank you all, your help was very important!

One more question =)

If i want the result to be copied for table to be edited?? What i need make in service studio?

Regards, Paulo Torres
Hello Paulo,

As Miguel Antunes mentioned you can use the Intelliwarp to create list and forms very fast. Take a look at the video.

Hugo Pinheiro
I saw the video but not what I want.
At least not from an Excel file, I have a structure that receives from the query and want to copy the query result into a table from my E-space.

Regards, Paulo Torres

I don’t know if I am understanding you very well, let me know if this is what you want. 

1. You have a query that returns a structure with values.
2. You want to insert the values of that structure into a database table.

Is that it? if it’s not please try to explain what you need in a clearer way.

Hello Paulo

If I undestand, you have a list and you need to edit a result from that list, correct?

You can see in attachment how you can create easily a Edit Screen, but if you don't create your list based in IW, you need to create a new screen:

- The screen must have a input parameter (Entity Identifier)
- In preparation do the query to get the record with the input parameter identifier
- In screen you have a edit record populate by the result of the preparation query

Best Regards Paulo, and thank you by using Agile Platform.

Cipriano, Yes, that's it.
I already have the values ??of the structure of query to present on the screen in my table, but I wanted to automatically each time it runs the query that were copied to the values ??for table of my E-space.

Sorry, if I am not being clear.
I attach my E-space for see.

Regards, Paulo Torres
Hello Nuno,
Yes, that it is. But i can't open your attach, I've tested open with some applications, but i can't :(

Regards, Paulo Torres
Hello Paulo

You can open the attachment file with a Internet Browser.

The attachment you sent to us is corrupted, if you can send it again, we appreciate it.

Best Regards

Nuno Roxo
Hello Nuno,
When i open with IE, the image appear all in white. Your attach is corrupt?? =)

I attach again my E-space.

Thanks for your attention.

Regards, Paulo Torres
Hello Nuno,
I can see your flash video.
Can you see my E-space, for better understanding of what i want.

Regards, Paulo Torres
Hello Paulo!

Sorry I only answer you today,but I don't understand clearly what you want...

I already saw you code, can you specify better to help you?

Situation resolved, i apologize but had not yet had time to update the topic.
Thanks everyone, especially the Nuno :)

Regards, Paulo Torres
Great news, Paulo.

How did you get it to work?


Paulo Tavares
I had to change my cycle how to show my attach.
If you need to attached my e-space, no problem =)

Regards, Paulo Torres