Can't deploy from Quality to pre-production

So basically I'm trying to deploy to from one environment to another (Quality to Production)

The deployment fails at

The operation has timed out
Deploy was aborted due to errors uploading solution pack to target environment.

There seems to be a connectivity issue in the Pre-Prod environment. Try to restart IIS and OutSystems services in the Pre-Prod environment and try again. You can try to check windows event logs for more information related to timeout issue.

Hi all,

I have the same problem from pushing applications from DEV to UAT

But when I change another account it works

Anyone has idea?


This is another issue and best would be to start a new question, instead of asking it in a old thread that already has a reply marked as solution that apparently is not s solution for you .

A new question allows you to mark a reply that solves your problem to be .armed as solution.

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