V6 layout/placeholder and widget ID's

V6 layout/placeholder and widget ID's

Anybody know how to address/get the ID of a placeholder on a descendant page ?

If the page is based on a layout, the placeholder can not be found on that page.
In fact there is no Widget ID available.

Or am I missing something ?

Indeed, the placeholder id is available only in the block where it was defined.

This is by design, but I think we may review this decision. What is your particular need for accessing the placeholder id in the page?

If you want it for refreshing the placeholder contents from the page, you may use a container there as a workaround. Just don't forget to provide a name for the container, otherwise it won't appear in the widget's list.

Hugo Lourenço

Your workaround in fact I already used.

Good to hear you (OutSystems) wants to revise the "by design" part of the placeholder.

In fact you are right, I want to be able to use the ID in a javascript to add some jQuery stuff to it.
And also it won't work in AJAX refreshing placeholders...
The placeholder is generated as a DIV in the HTML so it would be possible to address it the same way as a normal container (DIV)