Wrapper around input widgets
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11.12.7 (Build 51940)

Is there any reason for a need to have a <span> wrapper around the input widgets? Is there anyway to remove them?

Hello Jeremy Kuang,

It´ s the behaviour from OS, the reason I don't know why.

It´ s possible to remove them by JS and them add they again by JS, but what do you really need? Something related to UI?

Best Regards,

Nuno R

Yes, related to UI, I thought of JS but was hoping to see if I was able to do so without JS. For example, I want to want my checkbox to be display: inline-block but the <span> wrapper will "nullify" the display: inline-block.

Hi Jeremy Kuang,

You can add a wrapper to the input, with the class called for example "my-input" and then on the style you can do whatever you want the the element bellow that.

Hope it helps,

Nuno R

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