Outsystems authentication from LDAP to OKTA


I need to change our authentication method for outsystems plataform from LDAP to OKTA or use LDAP interfacing the OKTA service.

My question is if I change the authentication method how can I prevent the users lost the access for the Outsystems environments? 

And now we have 1800 users and 50 developer users all these access need to be preserved.

Someone already had to do this and may help me? 


Hi @Igor Pierazzo,

How you are managing external authentication? using Lifetime or Users application (separated by environments)

Hi @Aadhavan Shanmugam  thanks for your reply.

For TI users I using lifetime and for applications I using the User application.

If you are using external authentication in users applications, then you can try to experiment with the same in a lower environment.

As per my knowledge, LDAP-created users will not have a password and the profile will be authenticated by external authentication. There will be no impact on the existing users if you are adding OKTA authentication for external users.

Thanks, Aadhavan S

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