Is it possible to have a combobox that allows end user to select Yes or No to make a record become active or inactive? I have already tried this but couldn't figure out how I should use my varibales, sources, ect.
You must use the Special Variable and the Special List of the combobox ofr that, and then convert both in the preparation and in the save action. Check the attached sample.
I have been working with this and I am still having issues on getting this working. I have attached the file I am working with. Everything is in the Pawn_Edit page.
The problem is that you are entering things in the extended properties not the special values section.

Ignore the attached file, by the way, that was an experimental version and it does not work.

Here's the correct version. Besides the extended properties, you forgot to set the special variable
OK I now see my issue and got it working. Thanks for your help.