Multiple level menu and sub menu
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.12.7 (Build 51940)

Hi All,

I have a question on how can I achieve the nested/multiple levels of menu and sub menus in my application like the structure proposed below?

Basically Master Setting Sub Menu 1 and Sub Menu 2 are at the same menu level, while Master Setting Sub Menu 2 Sub Menu a,b,c are the menus of the following sub menus.

I have sorta browsed through the posts but seems like it involves javascript and some involved only up to 2 levels of sub menus. Is there any suggestion maybe without involving javascript?


Hi Junior,

Maybe this Forge asset can help you:



Hi Daniel,

If I would like to try it out, means I need to import the module into my environment?? Because I saw there was no "Install" kind of button in the forge..


You can open the module, by pressing the open module button, it will be placed in independent modules app in service studio. From there you can move it to your app.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the guide. Now I am able to implement the webblock/component in my application already. Just want to confirm 1 more thing, is it we need to set the "Public" property for the screens/components in its module before we can see it in the Add Dependencies window? Because I am able to see it after doing so.

Hi J u n i o r 

Is this got work out for you?


It works for my part. 

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