Aggregates and Advanced SQL performing very slow

Hi Team, 

I am currently working on the enterprise environment.

Data manipulation takes too much time to process with the minimum record (10000). I am not sure why the performance issue is happening. In aggregate, preparing data without filter, it is taking 60 seconds and with the filter applied, data preparation takes 70+ seconds. same behavior in advanced SQL also.

Note that the Service Studio itself hangs during development when we work on Advanced SQL or Aggregate widgets.

  • Development method: Reactive
  • No external DB integrated

Can someone help me to find the cause of the issue?

Thanks, Aadhavan S


Hi Aadhavan,

This sounds like either a networking problem (which you should take up with your organisation's IT department) or something that OutSystems Support should take a look at, but not something that anyone on the forum would be able to answer. I would advise you to log a case with OutSystems Support, and let them help you.

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