How to assign a system session variable in V6

How to assign a system session variable in V6


Dear all!
We are facing some problems considering the assignment of one system session variable.
We are trying to assign a value to the ExceptionMessage variable, and when we try to assign it, the session variable didn’t appear.
However we could see it in session variables folder in “grey”
This is happening with an application created in v 5.1.
When we upgrade to the new version, this error appears and we don’t know why.
If you need some additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Thanks and kind regards.
Jorge Messias


Hi Jorge,

That is indeed a breaking change - check out the list of breaking changes here.
Now it is not possible to write in Session.ExceptionMessage, you should create a local variable, assign to it and use it instead.

Tiago Simões
Dear tiago!

Thanks so much for you tip.
Kind regards.

Jorge Messias