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hey guys having trouble hear wanted to know how come when I go to shop all it appears this sign in login screen , please help me I been craving my brain all week



You probably have the 'Shop All' screen roles set to 'Registered' only and therefore you need to login in order to see it. If you want to view the page without log in you have to set the role to 'Annonymous'.

Like shown:


Hello Kavon.

Your english is a bit hard to read and the images aren't clear, so maybe that is why no one answered here yet.

-Your first screen is login.

-The second is an app screen with menu open.

So I guess you logged in fine.

To get to the next screen without signup (a registration screen for instance), that screen must be anonymous (check the box on properties):

And you see that "house" icon on the middle of the screen? That says this is the Default Screen (entry page). You can set it by right-clicking the page.

Otherwise, the login screen must have a link they can follow to reach here.

Does this help?

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