Dropdown Tag keep on adding in list when data used as input is on demand ?
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Service Studio Version
11.12.7 (Build 51940)

I have an issue regarding dropdown tags. I have two entities for eg State and City , from value of state dropdown values of cities should be available in dropdown tag. Issue is whenever i select new state the list of city is added in previous one and it keep goes on adding. I have cleared variable that passes value to dropdown tag. Cleared list and passes empty value to list too but nothing works. in debugging variable i am passing holds only desired values but in list it shows all the previous values too.

Issues are - 

how to clear dropdown tag list as i have tried above mentioned methods too.

why all previous values are keep on adding.

Dear Deepak,

Use list clear at the top.

So it will clear the list first and add after that.


Hi Hasib

I have tried clear list. 


Ok thats great.

Mark the post as solution if it is resolved.


Hi Deepak,

I tried the same use case in a sample app, and it is working as expected for me. See this demo app | StateCityDropdownTags

Refer to the attached .oml file. Still, If you cannot trace the cause, share your .oml file with us.

I hope this helps you!

Kind regards,

Benjith Sam


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