SortColumn Join Table

Recently I change the data table structure. So now I have two table looks like following: CONTACT id Name Email

In th Contact_List
I want to display CONACT.Name, CONTACT.Email,SUPPLIER.Name
and implement the SortColumn widget on each column.
It is quite easy to add SortColumn widget on CONTACT.Name and CONTACT.Email.
My challenge is how to add SortColumn widget on SUPPLIER.Name
Hello Richard,

If I understood you already have the two entities (CONTACT and SUPPLIER retrieved the data by a query) in the list, soo only need to put the SUPPLIER.Name in the SortColumn widget.

Hugo Pinheiro

As far as i can see, each supplier can have 0 or more contacts right? If this is the case you should make a list of contacts for each supplier, if you simply list all suppliers you will end up having repeated suppliers on the list if they have more than 1 contact. I understand this is not what you asked but i hope it helps.

Considering your question, what Hugo said is what you need to do :)

Let us know if it worked out for you