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i want to explain below scenario


Hello Shanmuga,

It would be hard to help you with single liner statement. Could you please explain your problem in more details, so other members can explain or help in resolving your query.

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After using Assign widget ,Assign the some properties, I need explain that assign property side

Hi Shanmuga, as Sachin says what you want to get resolve is not clear to us, Please explain in a bit more detail so that we can help you.




Regarding the image basically if Form2 does not have any built-in error then will set the comment record with the datetime and the CustomerId.

Regarding pop-up you can check here:https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/11/Developing_an_Application/Design_UI/Inputs/Create_and_use_a_Popup


Gonçalo Almeida



Basically, you want to save form data in Comment Entity. But in Pop up form, you have only a Message input box. So while saving data in Comment Entity we have to provide values to all  Entity attributes (Id, Datetime, Message CustomerId ).   

we have Comment Local variable which is holding form input field values.

 But when we click on the save button that time, this local variable has value only for Message.  So, we have to provide values for other fields too. That's why in the flow of Save action we are using an assignment widget to assign values in Datetime and CustomerId field before calling CreateOrUpdateComment Entity action. 


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